Molly Malone's Bright Idea  

Molly Malone thought a lot about what Henry said.  The Uprights DID seem pretty sad today.  If only she could think of a wonderful holiday gift for them.  That would surely cheer them up.

"What was the happiest time you ever saw the uprights?" Molly asked her sister.

"That's easy," said Cricket.  "It was the time they came home from work and saw that we had filled the dining room with leaves!" 

"Oh yeah!" laughed Molly Malone.  "They were screaming at the top of their lungs and you could see the veins popping out on Mr. Upright's forehead!"

"Yup," said Cricket.  "They really seemed to appreciated us bringing the outdoors inside for them."

"That's IT!" cried Molly Malone. "That's IT! Follow me!"

"Let's bring them a room full of snow!"

"That's brilliant!" said Cricket. "Let's call the others for help!"

Hank thought it was a wonderful idea too.  There was something about thinking of others even when you were having a bad day, that somehow helped to make things feel better.

"Grab some snow!" Molly Malone said.  "I sure hope the uprights are surprised!"