No sooner had Cricket and Molly told the others their urgent news, when an upright appeared at the door with her  trusting dog "Misty" in tow.  

The upright left a box with all Misty's worldly possessions, turned and left.  She barely said a word, and didn't  even give Misty a kiss or pat good-bye. 

Cricket was surprised to see that the upright never even looked back.  Not once.

Poor Misty was in shock.  She had heard of uprights doing this to other dogs, but never in a million years did she guess it would happen to her.

"Nine faithful years I have served her," thought Misty.  "This must be some mistake."

The thud of a car door closing, and the skid of tires speeding off, told Misty that she had just been dumped, but she refused to believe it.


Henry felt terrible to see any dog treated like that, especially a senior citizen.

"My name is Henry," he said to her in a reassuring voice.  "You'll be safe with us until we can figure out the best place in the world for you."  

Henry calmly introduced her to her new house mates.

"Thank you Henry," said Misty. "There has obviously been some kind of mistake.  My upright will be right back.  That is why she didn't even say good-bye."

Henry understood the shock that Misty was in.  He didn't need to upset her with the facts.

"Ok," he said.  "Our home is your home until you know what is happening."

"Maybe she left me a note," thought Misty, rummaging through the box.  She sniffed through her kibble, her bowl, and her shampoo.  There was no note.

Misty was overcome with sadness and she began to cry.

"I have been a GOOD dog.  Why would she leave me?  I have never done anything wrong.  I have waited each day for her when she came home from work.  I have sat by her feet through every hard thing she has ever been through.  I have done all the things a good dog should do.  Why did she do this to me?"

Cricket could feel her eyes watering up too.  She couldn't think of anything helpful to say. 

"Every dog needs to be needed," she said, trying to sound convincing.  "Perhaps you have finished your job with that upright.  Maybe there is someone who needs you more?"

Molly was very sad too.  She partly knew what Misty was going through.  She and her sister were babies when they were given up.  But she partly did NOT understand.  How could a dog serve someone their whole life and then be dumped without a look back?

"I'm so sorry Misty," she said.  "You deserve better."

"But my upright is all I want," sobbed Misty.  "She was all I ever wanted."