A Midnight Not So Clear  

Santa's sleigh was discovered in a heavily wooded area by the Scratch-Sniff-and-Rescue team. It was not damaged, but it was  tangled in the branches and bramble. It was close to the area the global pawsitioning system had indicated. 

There was no sign of Santa or his reindeer.

The Scratch-Search-and-Sniff crew radioed Colonel Kramer through the secret Gingerbread House Transmitter.

"We are following hoof prints sir, but no sign of Big Red."
(Big Red was the secret code name for you-know-who).

Meanwhile, the WiggleBus crew and the Rescue Pawrade continued to search every street and alley, with noise and lights to help Santa find his way.

"I see someone coming!" said Cricket.

It was one of the opawratives. 
"Did the Colonel tell you?" asked the reindeer agent.

Colonel Kramer was still on the radio with the Scratch-Sniff-and-Search crew.  He hadn't told them anything.

"Tell us what?" asked Patrick.

"They've located Big Red's ride."

"That's wonderful," said Patrick.

"Any sign of San, I mean Big Red?" giggled Cricket, who could not get used to the code names.

"We're pretty certain he will head for the lights, said the agent.  Keep on barking, we know he can't be far!"

"Listen to that!"

"I'd know that voice anywhere!" said the reindeer opawrative.

Colonel Kramer popped his head out of the bus, smiling as he pawdicted what was going to happen next.

The terriers stood on their tippy paws to see who was coming.

The kids along the pawrade route thought the whole thing was part of the pawrade.

"In a way, they are right," thought Wiggle. "If they only knew the whole story!"