While Henry and Guinness and Patrick O'Malley were eating their cake, (they made the terriers wait to have theirs), Wiggle was outside in the driveway, and she was VERY upset.

The one thing she had always been so proud of in her life, her identity as a SCHOOL BUS, was being taken away from her.

An upright was sanding off her beautiful letters. 

She was not a school bus anymore. 

"It was bad enough when they disconnected all my blinking lights," she thought, "but this is more than a girl can stand."

While Wiggle was thinking about her life as a school bus, the sander man packed up his tools and was gone in a blink. 

"Is that it?" sulked Wiggle.  "A large noisy sander and I am cast from the ranks of school busses forever?" 

She was starting to wonder if there was anyone she could trust anymore when two white vans, all shiny and new, pulled up on two sides of her. 

"Who is that?" she asked herself. 

The news was not good.  The men started banging at her
face.  They smashed up her windshield and tugged and pulled at her glass. 

Wiggle started to cry all over again.

"Guinness and Henry must have lied to me", thought Wiggle. "They are making me a heap of metal.  They are JUNKING me!" she sobbed.

Wiggle felt like she would never trust anyone again. 

"This is the end," she groaned.  "They will throw me in a scrap heap."

She felt embarrassed sitting next to the two new vans all sparkly clean.  "I am an old bus that no one loves any more.  This must be the end of my road," she thought.

But something didn't seem right.  Wiggle knew she had SO MUCH love to give someone. 

There was so much FUN still left in her. 

"Why, oh WHY, do people throw things away just because they are OLD?  Why, I am not OLD, " thought Wiggle.  "I am experienced!"

Just then, she imagined that the white vans were smirking at her. 

She cast her eyes downward so she did not have to look at them. "The best years of my life are gone," she cried. 

And with that, her battery died.