The Color Of Sunshine

Henry decided to wake Mother Upright up with a song and a poem:

You are My Sunshine, My Upright Sunshine
We bought a present to cheer you up.
You're gonna love it
It's big and yellow
And we need you to pick it up....

The other nite Mom, when you were sleeping
we made a bid on a small bus
There's lot's of windows
but no transmission
Don't worry about thanking us.

You're such a great mom, We really Love you
and we knew you wouldn't care
if we spent some 
of your money
and you have to drive us there.-

To get the school bus, Your little school bus
to drive your sheepies to buy ice cream.
we know you'll love it, 
it has ten windows
It is every Upright's dream. 

All the sheepies joined in to melt the
heart of Mother Upright.