A Window For Every Snout  
On Sunday, Henry and Guinness logged on to their favorite auction, "dogBaY".

They found many types of vehicles, but one in paw-ticular caught their eye. It was a little yellow school bus, with a WINDOW FOR EVERY SNOUT...

"It says it needs a new transmission," said Henry.

"What is a transmission for?" asked Guinness.

"You need it to back up and stuff," said Henry.

"Well, then, just don't back up," said Guinness. 
"You can just drive around in a circle if you need to back up."

"That's true," thought Henry.


"Is a transmission expensive?" asked Guinness.

"I don't know," said Henry, "but I don't think Mom will mind since the bus is only at 700. right now."

"It would be worth it to each have our own seat and put our faces in the wind."

So Henry and Guinness "sniped" the bus off of dogbay not really knowing or caring if it needed a transmission. 

A dog's got to do what a dog's got to do.  They hugged each other triumphantly and wired their winning bid of 910. to the seller using PayPaw. 

They knew they would have to confess their purchase to Mother Upright tomorrow, but tonight was for dreaming about millions of smells at 40 miles per hour...