That's What Friends Are For  

The weather finally cleared enough for Henry and Guinness to walk down the street to see their little bus. 

You have to be very careful walking down the street after they salt the roads if you have paws!  As they reached the mechanic's parking lot they were startled by the sound of someone crying...

"Look!" cried Guinness, "Someone has hurt WiggleBus".

"What happened?" asked Henry in disbelief.

"Kids!" sobbed Wiggle. "They stole my emblems and broke my nose".

Henry and Guinness almost fell over in shock to hear their little bus talk.  "You can talk?" they both asked at once. 

"It's about all I can do anymore," sniffled Wiggle.

"My whole life is ruined.  I used to be so useful.  I used to drive all the little children to school, dreaming about what they would be when they grew up.  I was such a happy and proud little bus.  But now they tell me I'm too old to have children -- they put me out to  auction.  Then I was towed here in a snow storm.  I do not know what is to become of me or who I belong to.   And then the kids stole my emblems. I have not been able to stop crying. Oh, you wouldn't understand.  You both look so loved and happy.  I was loved once too..." and with that, Wiggles cried even harder. 

"I do understand," said Henry. "Someday I will tell you how I came here on a truck not knowing what was happening to me after I lost everything.  Really, I do understand.  But I was rescued, and you are being rescued too.  Guinness and I got you off that auction and we are going to take good care of you..  But we never thought anyone would hurt you here!"

"Why do kids have to be so mean?" asked Guinness.

"They are not ALL that way" Wiggle fondly reminisced. 

Henry thought that Wiggle looked tired. "We cannot get the key tonight from Bill Furless" he said, "but we will come and get you as soon as we can, and we will visit you lots and lots.  You are going to be in OUR family now, and we will take GOOD care of you.  You are getting a new Transmission here, and those fuel lines of yours keep leaking... Wait 'til we get those fixed.  You won't be crying any more.  You are going to have the best life a school bus ever had!"

"Promise?" Wiggle asked, looking for reassurance they would really come RESCUE her.

"Promise." said Guinness.  "Now you will get to drive around doggies and be a part of a great family!".

"I don't know how to repay you," whispered Wiggle.

"I know that feeling too," quipped Henry with a hint of sarcasm. 
Guinness jabbed him with her elbow. "Not now. Let's not worry her," she cautioned.

"That's what friends are for," said Guinness, who kissed poor Wiggle and sang her to sleep.