Money Makes the Wheels Go Around  

The Mother Upright loved the song and poem that the sheepies made up but she was getting worried.

It seemed her sheepies were very independent and made decisions like this on their own a great deal of the time, and with HER money.

She had to admit the bus WAS kind of cute, though she didn't let on just yet.

The terriers hid under the table while they waited to see how Mother Upright would react.

"Who's idea was this anyway?" she asked, in a tone too neutral to interpret.

Without a second thought,  four of the dogs blurted out: "Henry's".

Henry just stood there not knowing what to do with himself.  The last thing on earth he would ever want was to make Mother Upright unhappy. 

The bus was stupid he thought.  This whole thing was a big yellow mistake, and now, the four others had thrown HIM under the bus!

"It is a wonderful bus," continued Mother Upright, "but how do you  know it will even run?  Nine hundred and ten dollars is ALOT of  money and that is just the beginning of your expenses."

Little Patrick O'Malley was elated and jumped up and down doing what Guinness called "The Pee-Pee Dance".   He knew  this meant they COULD have the bus, and he knew that Mother Upright was going to help.

Henry and Guinness were more reserved.  They knew better.  Nothing was ever THAT easy with the Mother Upright. They shot  each other a knowing glance, but did not say a word.

"You're going to need auto insurance, a registration, a license plate, and an inspection sticker, not to mention the transmission, fixing whatever else is wrong with it, and diesel fuel to run it," cautioned the Mother Upright. 

They winced as they pawdicted the next part of her lecture, "All these things cost money".

"Will you help us then Mom?" squeaked Henry, past the lump in his throat.

"Well, this  shows a lot of creative thinking, I suppose I could help you out.  "However, you will need to pay me back.  And that, you will have to figure out on your own."


Guinness called the dealer to arrange to pick up "her" bus. She was shocked and horrified to find out that it could not be driven. Suddenly, Guinness realized the problems that can happen on dogBaY when you have not had a chance to sniff the salesman's butt. How could you tell if they were honest? Oh great. Mom is really going to say, "I told you so" thought Guinness.
Henry was pretty worried when he found out the bus could not be driven at all. He wasn't sure how he would even get it home. He called TripleThumbs who said they would gladly tow it for him as long as it was registered. Everything was so expensive! How would he ever pay Mother Upright back? Was "his" little bus ever going to make it home?