Misty fell into a deep sleep tucked safely in the bus.

While Misty slept, Wiggle told Henry how worried she was about her.  

"The poor little thing has spent a life time in service to her upright.  This is a terrible thing," sighed Wiggle.

Henry agreed.  "If ever we needed rescue dust, we need it now.  Grannie Annie is working on this as we speak.  It's tough to find a new home for  a nine year old dog."

"We need to get her to eat," said Wiggle.  "You may need to call your friends at the restaurant for a magic box".

"Great idea," said Henry.  "If she's not eating, no one will adopt her." 

"I'll talk with her," agreed Wiggle, "and one more thing?" she whispered something to Henry and he smiled.

"We'll call it opawration Cotton Tail," he laughed. 

"How was your nap?" asked Wiggle when  Misty woke.

"Thank you for letting me sleep in your bus, Wiggle," said Misty.  "Did I miss anything?"

"You missed your lunch," smiled Wiggle.  "Henry is getting something special for you. I hope you will try to eat."

"I'm not trying to be ungrateful," said Misty.  "But I don't feel like eating.  I don't feel like doing anything at all."

"Sometimes," said Wiggle, "you have to let your friends help you.  Pawmise me you'll try?"

"I pawmise," said Misty, wondering how she could force kibble past the big lump of sadness in her throat.

Misty went inside to try to eat, just as she pawmised Wiggle.  Little did she know what her rescue friends had planned.
"You're going to try to eat now, right Misty?" asked Henry in a stern voice.  
"You can't get better if you don't eat."

"I pawmise," said Misty.

"Some friends of mine sent this over to you," said Henry. "It's a magic box."

"What is a magic box?" asked Misty.  In  her curiosity, she forgot about her sadness.

"It's like a doggie bag, only much bigger.  "The whole thing is filled with steak from all the customers at the restaurant who didn't finish their meals.

"Why wouldn't someone finish a steak?" asked Misty in disbelief.

"We're not really sure," laughed Henry.  "That's why it's magic.  The waiters keep it for us in the back until it is full, but it's only for special occasions."

"What's the special occasion?" asked Misty.

"We will tell you tomorrow," said Henry.  
"Today you need to get your strength back.

Misty devoured the entire box of steak tips.  

She had never tasted anything so good in her life.

Henry watched her enjoy the first meal since she was left behind.  

"I think she's turning the corner," he thought.