Pot Luck!  

sung to the tune of "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah"
Hello Guinness
Can you hear us?
Sure wish you were
Here to help us
In the kitchen
Cause we're cookin'
Have to do it when the Uprights 
are not lookin'!
We are makin'
Lot's of cheese and
And some cookies
And some candy
Who'd've thought the microwave could be so handy?

Hello Guinness
There goes dinner
It exploded
It's all in here
But we'll lick it
Out to clean it
So the Uprights never will have ever seen it.

Please don't worry
We'll make out good,
Cause we're doin'
Just what we should.
Maybe next time
It will work out,
Right now Patrick has got cheese all over his snout.

Hello Guinness
Can you see us?
Sure wish you could
Be here with us
We're surviving
But we confess
Without you cooking sure can be a big mess!