Indeed there was a storm of rescue dust on behalf of the little ones.   One day they were whisked away from the horrible puppy mill that had left them to die.  It was not a moment too soon. 

Neither of them knew what was happening.  They had never been in a car before, but as far as they were concerned, it couldn't drive fast enough to get them away from Anguish Acres. 

The uprights who rescued them from a fast approaching death were kind and caring. They were not sure that the puppies would live through the rescue trip.  The little ones looked at each other with surprise, too sick and tired to say anything at all.

They were given emergency food and water, and  before they knew it, the horrible smells and filth of the puppy mill was being gently bathed away.

The little shaggy dog could only cough and shiver.  Without medical care, his pneumonia was worse than ever.  His cough was painful and shook his whole body.  It even hurt to breathe.

When their baths were finished, the dogs were lovingly dried with soft towels and a nice warm dryer.

"There now," said a groomer named Polly, "you can go to the Sanctuary feeling clean and pretty." 



The next part of their journey took them to Seven Bells where the head rescue angel Judy greeted them.  She gave them a proper puppy meal, and some medicine to keep them comfortable.  The puppies tried to play, but they were too sick and weak to have much fun and so they cuddled up and held each other close.

Judy was very sad to see how sick they were, but she told them to try their very best to be brave.
"Such a crime, these puppy mills..." she said quietly.  "How can we warn people about them?"

"If either of us survive," whispered the little cocker spaniel girl to the little shaggy pup, "we'll tell the world the truth."

"Tomorrow you will meet your Foster Moms, Connie and Michelle," said Judy.  "They  are very special rescue angels and they will take you to a vet to see if anything else can be done for you." 

"Will we ever see you again?" asked the pretty cocker spaniel. 

"I will always call to find out how you are," said Judy.  "Someday I will meet you again in heaven, over the Rainbow Bridge."

"My mother lives there!" said the shaggy puppy.


The head rescue angel Judy posted a notice on the internet so others could know and care about them.  She knew that most people would not want to adopt a dying puppy, but she had learned to trust the rescue dust. She was grateful that the foster moms would love them and keep them comfortable for as long as they had left to live.

The next day, she kissed the puppies and wished them well.  She gave Connie and Michelle all their information, and fought back a tear as she said good-bye.

"Love, and Let go," she smiled. She knew it was the only way they could give these special needs dogs a chance at love and comfort before they crossed the Rainbow Bridge. "No matter how long you have on this earth," said the rescue angel, "the important thing is that you know love."


"I will call you Sir Scruffy McDuff," said Foster Mom Michelle,  "and you, pretty girl, will be Lady Di."

"I will send updates whenever I can for the internet," she said, hugging Judy goodbye.

"We have names!" exclaimed Lady Di. 

The puppies slept from exhaustion on the long ride with Connie and Michelle. When they finally arrived home, they met new friends, including two Doxies named DooBoo and Rudy. 

"Everyone here has names!" said Sir Scruffy, "We are not numbers at all!" 

That night Scruffy and Lady Di snuggled up closer than ever.  "Did you hear what they said about me?" he asked.  "They said I am dying.  I could die at any minute, and you are very sick too."

Lady Di's eyes watered up with a tear.  "No matter what," she said, "we definitely will leave this earth knowing love."

Sir Scruffy McDuff insisted it was not time for him to die.  "I pawmised my mother," he said, but he started coughing before he could say anything more.