Love At First Sniff  

Wiggle opened the door, and Hank stood at the top of the steps, knowing that meeting his furever family was a moment away.
Cricket and Molly Malone wiggled their butts a mile a minute when they saw the Head Beagle greet Hank at the door. 

They wanted to run out and give her a kiss, but they kept very quiet, knowing that that this was Hank's big moment. 

They were filled with excitement watching him go with Grannie Annie to meet his new pawson.

"Are you sure this one is going to like me?" Hank asked Grannie nervously.

"I've never been more sure in my life," smiled Grannie Annie, "Let's go inside."

"Hank, I'd like to introduce you to Rik..." Grannie Annie tried to say.

Hank didn't hear what she said...

Rick didn't hear what she said...

It was love at first sniff.

For the first time in his life, Hank understood what it meant when something was "meant to be".


Grannie Annie tried again.  "Hank, I see you have met Rik," she said.

"Rik, I see you've met Hank."

"Just Hank?" asked Rik, as he was being showered with kisses.  "It sounds like part of his name is missing."

Hank felt a moment of panic.  Would Rik decide he should be called HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Hank?  Would he still want to keep him?

"Hmmmm, I know what your name will be from now on," said Rik.

"From now on, you will be called HANDSOME Hank!" declared Rik. 

Hank could not believe his happiness!  He belonged to someone who thought he was HANDSOME!  Hank thought he would burst with joy.

Just then, Rik whispered something in his ear.
"Happy Chanukah, Hank," said Rik.  "Now let's sign those adoption papers.  Do you think we can drive 500 miles by sundown?"