When Henry woke up the Uprights were talking in quiet voices behind closed doors in the other room.

He knew it was wrong, but he tried listening through the door because he really wanted to know what they were talking about. He couldn't make out too many of the words but he learned that the Uprights were bringing Guinness to a special cemetery after they let everyone say one last good-bye to her. 

Henry sighed a heavy sigh.  This was the last time they would ever see their special friend. 

He slipped out through the doggie door to tell Wiggle.

Wiggle was as shocked as everyone else when Henry told her the news. 

"She was so wonderful to me," said Wiggle. "I hardly got to know her. The poor little thing.  She was so young.  Here I have been feeling so sorry for myself.  Just yesterday she brought me a present," sniffled Wiggle. 

"She gave all of presents," Henry said wistfully.  "What did she give to you?"

Wiggle showed Henry her new steering wheel cover with little paw prints all over it. 

She couldn't believe little Guinness was gone. 

"I feel so helpless" said Wiggle, crying softly. "I wish I could do something."

"Actually, there IS something you could do," said Henry.

"You name it," said Wiggle, determined to help.

"I was hoping to go to a Tree Store and get a special tree to remember her by," said Henry sadly. "I wish I had a way to give her something back".

"Of course I will take you Henry.  That is a beautiful idea," said Wiggle,  "but you know that your love was the best gift you ever gave  her."

Henry looked down at the ground wishing that he had a better way to repay his friend.
"After the Uprights leave with Guinness we should go," said Henry. 
"I will not be able to stand how quiet the house is without her."