A Celebration of LIghts  


"Ooooh, Look at that!" gasped the friends! 

"A holiday light display!"

"Yes," beamed Cricket proudly.  "Lights are a special way that uprights around the world celebrate impawtant things, especially this time of year!"

"Impawtant like my birthday!" laughed Patrick.

"That is an Advent Wreath," Mr. Remington pointed out.  "It marks the four weeks before Christmas."
"What is this one?" asked Molly.

"This is a Chanukah menorah," 
Mr. Remington told them. 

"It is from the Jewish Festival of Lights."

"It is beautiful!" said Hank in awe.  "I wish I had a Chanukah family" he thought to himself.

"And this one is for Diwali," said Mr. Remington, "a festival in India."

"Diwali means Row Of Lamps."

"I know this one!" said HT. 

"This one is from the African American celebration of Kwanza!

"Yes," approved Mr. Remington.  "This one is called a Kinara."


Next Wiggle drove through a tunnel of candy canes.

"EVERYONE loves candy canes!" laughed Henry.

"Christmas Tree!" Cricket called out.
"Look at those polar bears! She reminds me of Guinness!" Patrick said, as they passed the next display.

She reminded Hank of his mother.  Hank thought that all of the lights were beautiful, but inside he felt a pang of sadness, wishing he knew where he belonged.