Sheepie Kisses  

All the next day Guinness secretly worked on the surprises she got for everyone.  She carefully took all the price tags off the presents that she bought and gave each of her friends a soft bone-shaped pillow.
"Woo Hoo!" shouted Patrick,"I LOVE presents!"

"This is so nice of you," smiled Henry.  "Why did you get us such nice gifts?"

Guinness smiled seeing everyone with their pillows. 

"Sometimes life can get a little ruff," she said. "Love and presents can remind you that I love you always.  Besides, these presents are from the best day of my life.  You can be certain that any time you sleep on a bone-shaped pillow, you will have sweet dreams!"

Patrick wasn't paying too much attention. He didn't like mushy conversations very much.  Besides, there was still something left in the bag Guinness bought. 

"What else is in there?" he asked inquisitively.

Guinness laughed. "Guess!" she said.

"A ball," declared Patrick.

"Pretty close," said Guinness. "It's another hanging basketball for our toy run outside.  In case that one ever pops!"

The terriers complained that the big dogs were going to steal their bones.

Guinness made Henry and Patrick promise not to do that.

Patrick nodded in agreement.  Guinness was like a mom to him.  She had taken care of him since the first day he arrived. 

He knew he'd better do as she said.

"That's a good boy", she told Patrick.

Henry gave Guinness a BIG SLURPY KISS.

"You're the BEST!" said Henry.

"No, YOU are the best," said Guinness.

"No, I AM THE BEST," boasted Patrick.

Everybody laughed, and Guinness gave a big slurpy kiss to Patrick. This of course made Patrick blush, but no one could see it under all his shaggy hair.

While the gang was playing with their new toys, Guinness went out to give Wiggle a present too.

Then she hopped up to bed with the Uprights, got her good-night cookie, and she happily fell fast asleep.