Put On A Happy Face  

Henry brought a piece of cake out for Wiggle, but when he got there, she looked lifeless. 

"Wake Up Wiggle", he said as he gently prodded her.  Wiggle did not move a muscle.

"Poor thing," Henry thought, "she must have fainted when she got her new glass". 

Henry brought the truck over and started to do
CPR on Wiggle.  After a little while he was able to start her engine and she sounded as good as new.  But poor Wiggle did not look happy.

"What's wrong?" he whispered softly.

"Those men ripped my glass off," whispered Wiggle.  Her voice sounded hoarse. 

Henry looked at her windshield and smiled.

"Wiggle, they  did not rip your glass off, they REPLACED it.  Look!  You don't have any more cracks in your window, AND you have tinted glass now!  You're beautiful!" Henry said.

"...And my SCHOOL BUS sign has been removed," she said.
"Wait 'til tomorrow," said Henry.  "You will get repainted over the sanded spots and you will get all new letters!"

"All new letters?" Wiggle could not believe her ears.  As she started to calm down, she realized she DID have new glass, and she WAS tinted!

 "I'm getting prettier every day!" she exclaimed.

Henry smiled a knowing smile.  He was thinking back to the day he was found alone and hungry in the woods.  His skin was sore and his fur was gone.  He never thought he would be loved again. 

Henry understood Wiggle better than anyone, and he had the most patience with her. 
"She sure does cry a lot though," Henry thought, as he offered her the piece of cake. 

He was wondering if the Mother Upright felt this way when she rescued him. 
Henry was caring about someone else, and it felt like a very good feeling.

He had to give up a lot to give Wiggle the things she needed, but somehow he knew it was the right thing to do. 

Little did he know how much Wiggle was about to give him back.