Let It Snow!  

Molly Malone and Cricket dragged snow inside using every which way they could think of.

Molly Malone was feeling the true spirit of the holidays, imagining how happy the uprights would be when they saw the snow.

The others quickly came to help.

"This was a great idea, Molly!" said Patrick. 

In a way, it was so obviously the perfect present for uprights, they were all amazed that no one had thought of it sooner.


Everyone took turns bringing in the snow and adding it to the pile, inspecting it as they went along.
"It just goes to prove, the best things in life are free!" said Hank.
"This will give the uprights a chance to play in the snow when they get home from work!" said Cricket.
"I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they come home!" said Henry.
When they had brought an entire mountain of snow into the house, the sheepies climbed to the top of it, and hung their stockings by the chimney with care.

Then of course, they all went to take an afternoon nap.

"Thanks everyone!" said Molly Malone sweetly.  "You made my wish come true!  This is the best present the uprights will ever get!"