Horrible, Horrible Hank!  

When the sleepy friends woke up the next morning, they found that they were snowed in.

"Try the back door!" said Henry.

But the back door was just as bad as all the others. 

The snow was so high they had trouble getting outside.


"If it's this hard for us," said Molly, "Wiggle will never get out of the snow!"

In fact, Wiggle was up to her bumpers in the "frozen rescue dust".  No one coud figure out how they would be able to rescue anyone today.  Rescue Dust or no Rescue Dust.  It would take hours just to rescue Wiggle!

While they were looking out at the snow, they were surprised to hear a truck pull up to the house.  "How'd that guy get here through the snow?" they wondered. 

They all barked at the sound of someone approaching the house until they could hear him talking to the Mother Upright in the next room.
"The vet wouldn't let me, but I wanted to," said the man.  "He's a bad dog.  He should be P-T-S."

The man left as quickly as he had arrived.

"What does P-T-S mean?" asked Cricket.

"You don't want to know," said Henry with a serious tone to his voice.

"Yes, I DO want to know!" demanded Cricket.

"Me too!" said Molly.

"Alright," agreed Henry.  "P-T-S means Put To Sleep." 

"You mean, like DIE?" gasped Patrick.

"What could he have done that is that bad?" asked Molly.

With that, a strange dog burst through the door and let out a terrible growl. 

"GRRRRRAHHHHHHHH!" he snarled.

"Who are YOU?" gasped the girls in fright.

"I am Horrible Horrible Hank and you better stay away from me!"

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