Hop On Board!  

Cricket was pretty impressed with herself when she took the cake out of the bowl.  It smelled wonderful.

"Patrick is going to think I am a fantastic cook!" thought Cricket, as she brought his cake out to the Wiggle Bus.

"Are you coming on Patrick's birthday ride?" she asked Mr. Remington.

"I'd be delighted!" said Mr. Remington with the happy strike of his keys.

"Tonight will be a big surprise!" said Cricket. 
"Be on the bus by three o'clock!"

Everyone showed up on time for the surprise adventure.

"Hop on Board the Birthday Bus!" said Scruffy.


"Where are we going?" Hank asked Molly.

"I don't know," said Molly, "It's a surprise, 
and we won't find out until it's dark out!"

"Why does it need to be dark?" asked Henry.

"You'll see!" giggled Cricket, but she didn't tell.

"I am so excited!" said Patrick.  "I have NO IDEA where we are going!"

"Happy Birthday Patrick!" everyone said.

"How old are you?" Hank asked.

"I'm three years old," Patrick said with importance.  "That's 21 in upright years!"

"It will be dark by the time we get there," said Wiggle.  "About half an hour more to go!"