Hitchin' A Ride  

Ingrid was crying when she brought Henry to meet another Rescue Angel named Don.  Instead of wings, Don had a big rig with a giant air horn and shiny chrome.  Don even showed Henry a bedroom inside the truck where they could sleep on their long journey to Massachusetts.  

"Cool" thought Henry.  "An angel that drives a truck! Now that is something you don't see every day."

In all his fascination with the truck, Henry forgot about his sadness for just a minute. But the sound of the engine starting up jolted him back to reality.  

"Will I ever see you again, Ingrid?" he asked, holding back his tears.

"Believe in the Rescue Dust, Henry." she told him.  "It will take you to the place you need to be next."  In her heart she was hoping they would see each other again, but both of them knew 1000 miles was a very long way.  She promised she would write and that she would even send him PRESENTS.  Henry wished he didn't have to leave.

"Please say good-bye to Dallas, and Sara Catherine and all the others for me," Henry said, trying to sound brave.

Inside he did not feel brave at all.  His stomach felt in knots and his legs were shaking. Henry didn't have to pack for the trip because the only thing he owned in the whole wide world was the red, white and blue bandana that Ingrid had lovingly given to him.

"C'mon Little Fella," Don said in a reassuring voice. "All of life is an adventure.  You've made it this far... let's see what's in store for you."


For five days they traveled the long journey to Massachusetts.  Henry watched Don drive, carefully taking note of which pedals he stepped on and what he did with the steering wheel.  He was especially fascinated watching a big strong man like Don obey a little traffic light, just because it turned red.  

"I think I am on to something here," thought Henry.  "Uprights are trained to obey lights!"

They listened to music, talked and pulled over to sleep when they were tired. And when they were hungry, they drove the big truck right up to get hamburgers!  Henry thought hamburgers were the most delicious thing he had ever tasted.

When Don and Henry arrived in Massachusetts, they had driven 1000 miles together.  Don got tears in his eyes just like Ingrid had when she said good-bye.  Henry knew it was time to leave his newest friend as well.