"That poor puppy was doomed from his first day on earth," said Mrs. Spider.

"Friday, January 12, was a dark and stormy night.  They say it is the day the earth froze over.

One of the worst ice storms in history paralyzed the state in a deep and glassy freeze.  Several people died.  Millions were without power for weeks. Even pets who were loved were forced to live in the freezing cold for weeks, snuggled close to their uprights.

The storm lasted for three days. By Monday, January 15, it left behind a trail of destruction we have not recovered from three months later." 

"That same day, Female 1781 gave birth to a litter of puppies.  There was no heat, only deathly cold. 

What little dirty water they had was frozen in the dish. 

She was still a young puppy herself.  She had no one to help her, and she was too weak to feed her babies. 

All of her puppies died.  All except one that is, the little shaggy dog over there starving."

"I'll never forget the way his momma loved him. 

Although he didn't  have a name, she called him son
And when he was big enough, he called her Mama

Mama was very weak.  It was all she could do to stay close to him to 
try to keep him warm. It wasn't enough," said Mrs. Spider choking up. 

"Her last tiny puppy got pneumonia.  His horrible and violent cough 
shakes his whole body, and it predicts a certain, painful death."

"Last week, she made him promise that whatever happens, 
he will try his very best to survive. 

She made him promise to make something of his life, however long. 
She told him to be kind to others, and above all, to find love." 

It was hard for Mrs. Spider to tell the story.  Mr. Bumble could 
tell she admired the brave young Mama very much.

"It's a terrible story," agreed Mrs. Spider.  "But someone needs to 
tell it. The good creatures on this earth need to know..."

"I'll never forget what she told him," Mrs. Spider continued.


"Son," she said, "I don't know how much time we will be together. 
No matter what, I will always love you.  I will always be with you in ways you might not understand." 

"For both of us, promise you'll never stop trying. 
Leave this awful place and find the love and happiness a little dog should have."

"The poor little thing," sniffed Mrs. Spider.

"He probably didn't understand a word. 
Cold, hungry and sick, he looked up at her and said, 

I pawmise Mama. I wuv you."

"I'm so glad she heard him call her Mama,"   said Mrs. Spider, "and heard him say that she was loved."

"Do you mean --before he dies?" asked the bee, choking back his tears.