Happy Trails To You!  

Everyone begged Wiggle to let them stay long enough to see Hank with his new upright.  They waited as patiently as they could to see Hank leave with Rik. 

Hank finally pranced out to Rik's car, proudly tethered to his new best friend.

"They look pawfect together," sighed Cricket.

Hank hesitated for a second when he saw his old friends and Wiggle, waiting for one last wave good-bye.

"We love you Hank!" they called to him.

Wiggle winked the same magical wink she had given to Cricket and Molly when she met them at this very same pawphanage.

"Good-bye Hank!" called Molly.  "Don't forget your mannerisms!" she reminded him.
"My mannerisms!" thought Hank with a sudden panic.  "I forgot to say thank you to Grannie Annie!"

At once Hank called back to say  'Thank you'.

Grannie Annie smiled to see that Hank really was a good dog now. 

"Have a safe trip!" she smiled.  "We will see you soon!"

"We packed your presents in Rik's car!" said Henry.

"Hank flashed a big smile to his friends. 

"Would you like to start the journey home to meet the rest of your new family?" Rik asked.

Handsome Hank wiggled his butt as fast as he could. He hopped in the van, too excited to speak. 

Wiggle honked a last good-bye. 

Rik honked and waved right back.

"If this is such a good thing, then why are we all crying?" asked Cricket, laughing through her tears.