The GumDrop Tree  

"She was the prettiest girl in the world," thought Henry, as he kissed his sweet Guinness one last time before the Uprights took her.  He tried to memorize her face and fur so he could remember every last thing about her. 

Patrick O'Malley just held her and cried. 

Henry knew it was really hard for Patrick, so he whispered to him,"Do you want to come on my secret trip?"  Patrick looked grateful to be included in Big Dog business and he nodded his head quickly. 

Henry also noticed that the Uprights were not doing too well, and they were going to need every available dog in the house to cheer them up.  The four furry friends stood silently in the driveway as the Upright-mobile left. 

They knew in their hearts it was the end of an era.

A little while later, Henry and Patrick hopped in to the Wiggle Bus, for their very sad, but very sweet trip. The terriers stayed at home because they were too little to help with a big tree. 

"We are on BIG DOG business," boasted little Patrick through his tears. "That is no place for terriers."

Henry backed up the Wigglebus and smiled when he remembered how Guinness thought they wouldn't need a transmission to back up. 

"Everything I do reminds me of her," he thought. "This just does not seem real."

Patrick was so sad that he just held his big bone pillow and sucked on his paw.  Patrick was only two and he still acted like a baby sometimes. "I don't want anyone else to ever sit in Guinney's seat," he pouted.

Meanwhile, Wiggle automatically drove the furry friends to find their special tribute to Guinness. She could find all kinds of wonderful places.  She knew where to find the pawfect tree store, and that is where Henry and Patrick found the pawfect tree.


Henry and Patrick agreed the moment they saw the beautiful Weeping Cherry tree that it was the one.  With its beautiful blossoms cascading down in a sort of shaggy way, it reminded them both of their pretty sister.  The weeping part was just right too, since they were all crying so much.

Getting a great big tree was a great big project.  But that was a good thing, because they felt like they had a great big hole in their hearts and at least this was something they could do. 

 Henry looked at the size of the tree and asked Wiggle to open up her special door, the one you can only open from the inside. Wiggle gladly pressed the special lever feeling grateful that she could bring this tree home for Guinness.  None of the upright-mobiles could ever fit a tree.
Henry went around to the driver's side door to pull in the tree while Patrick O'Malley gave it a push.

"Wiggle, you are amazing," said Henry.
Wiggle blushed and politely said thank you. 

Patrick O'Malley blurted out  proudly, "Wiggle can do ANYTHING!"

"I only wish that was true," said Wiggle sadly. 

"We are going to name the tree after Guinney Gumdrops," Henry said lovingly. "We are going to call it the Gum-Drop Tree."

"Why did they call her Guinney Gumdrops?" asked Patrick.

Henry smiled because Patrick's question brought back a sweet memory. "Mother Upright always said her nose looked like a big black gumdrop and that is how she got her nickname.  It's also how she got so many kisses!"