The next morning Patrick ran to get the others.

"Hurry quick! Come see!"

In their excitement to see what Patrick wanted to show them, they  forgot all about the somber news the President had announced the night before.

Patrick was so excited that he ran out of breath herding the others to the Gumdrop Tree.


"Babies!" he cried out. "The Robins are having baby peeps!"

Sure enough, as the sheepies came close to the Gumdrop Tree, they could see the tiny head of a baby robin over the nest with the proud mama looking on.

"Ohhhhh," admired Crickey.  "Your baby is so beautiful!

"Where is MR. Robin?" asked Henry.

"I'm sure he's watching everything," said Patrick proudly. "It's the father's job you know."

Patrick was right.  Mr. Robin was perched high up in a maple tree, where he could see anyone at all that could harm his family.

Mr. Robin gave a whistle to his friends.  "Up here!"

"Congratulations on your new family!" said Molly Malone.

"Did you only have one baby?" asked Cricket.

"Mr. Robin tweeted over a message to Mrs. Robin."

Mrs. Robin made a motion as if she was about to feed her babies when up popped five hungry beaks!

"Five babies!" sighed Molly Malone.

"I guess that's my cue to go get supper," said Mr. Robin.

"They are so cute," said Henry.  "It almost makes us Grandpawrents!"

"Well," continued Patrick, "you're really going to be a Grandpawrent when I tell you what else..."

"Oh my!" gasped Molly. "Are you..."

"Yes," blushed Cricket. "But we are going to adopt!"

"Do you already know who you are going to adopt?" asked Molly Malone.

"We are going to adopt the Best Puppy in the World," smiled Cricket,  
"but we don't know where to find him."

"How do you know it's going to be a boy?" asked Molly.

"Because he is going to be Patrick Junior!" exclaimed Patrick with pride.

"If we are going to find the best puppy in the world, we'd best get started," said Molly Malone.  "Let's go ask Wiggle!"