Mrs. Robin flew day and night for five days to get back home, stopping only when she needed food and water.  She didn't let herself know how tired she was.  "I must get back as fast as I can," was all she thought.

At long last, she saw Mr. Robin in the "walking stick" tree and landed softly behind him. 

"Honey, I'm home!" said Mrs. Robin.

It was very early in the morning when she returned, the sun was barely awake. 

"How has everyone been?"

Mr. Robin was relieved to see his mate home safe and sound. 

"We missed you!" he said,  "and everyone is fine.  All of our babies have learned to fend for themselves.  Everyone did great.  How about you?"

Mrs. Robin recalled the story of her long journey to Anguish Acres, and all that she had seen and heard. She told him about the bumble bee, the bells, and rescue dust, and especially about the dying puppies. 

"It's so upsetting," she said. "If people only knew the truth.  They'd never buy a puppy from a pet store again."

"I don't know how to tell Patrick and Cricket," she said. "They'll probably be awake any time.  I know they are anxious to hear my news."

"Just tell them the truth," said Mr. Robin.  "They'll know what to do."

The robins flew to the Gumdrop Tree where they knew Patrick would see them when  he came out for his morning "guard duty".  With no babies sleeping, they chirped noisily in the Gumdrop Tree, catching up on all that happened since Mrs. Robin left on her mission.
The chirping immediately caught the attention of Patrick and Cricket, who looked over the deck of the house to see that Mrs.Robin had indeed returned.

"Hurry!" said Patrick, "she's back!"

Cricket and Patrick bolted down the stairs to the corner of the yard with the GumDrop Tree.  They could barely contain their excitement. 

"Do you have news?" 

"Did you find him?"

"Did you find the best puppy in the world?"

"I have some good news, and some bad news," Mrs. Robin said gently.

"The good news is that I found the best puppy in the world. He is a tiny orphan with no one in the world."

"Awwwww," gasped Cricket.  Her eyes started to tear up when she heard this. 

"What is the bad news?" asked Patrick.

"The bad news is that he is dying."