Cricket and Patrick tried their best to sleep too.  Listening to their new puppy cough and gasp for breath kept them awake most of the night.  They were also worried about what the doctors in Boston would say.
In the middle of their fretful night sleep, Scruffy had a terrible coughing fit that woke him up. 

"Mommy, I don't feel good," he said, shaking Cricket awake.

"I know little man," Cricket said, holding him close.  "In a little while we will see the doctor."

"Mommy, what if I'm dying?" said the puppy.  "Will you be sorry you 'dopted me?" 

The question broke Cricket's heart.  "Of course not sweetie," she said softly. 

"Fur whatever time we have, I will love you more each day
And even when we say good-bye, our love will surely stay.

Someday we'll bark with angels, while fluffy white clouds dance.
But fur now we are together, so while I have the chance,

I pawmise you I love you, fur whatever time we're given.
When one of us must leave this earth, our love will stretch to heaven. 

When one of us must leave this earth, our love will reach there too.
Furever is longer than the earth and how long I'll love you!"


The poor little puppy started to cough again.  He looked so sorry that he couldn't stop.

"Can my other mommy stretch her love from heaven?" he asked.

"Of course she can," smiled Cricket.  "She has never stopped loving you.  I'm sure she is watching over you right now, and she is very proud of you for being so brave. Now go get washed up, it's time to get up and go to Boston."

Scruffy jumped into a pile of pajamas.  "You can't find me," he laughed. "You can't find me to take me to Boston!"

"All right my little Pajama Prince," smiled Cricket.  "Go out and sit with Grampy Henry while I wake up Dad and we get ready."

"Prince? Me? I like the sound of that," smiled Scruffy.  "I am a Pajama Prince!"

"And Pajama Princes must be very brave," said Cricket.

"Grampy Henry," said Scruffy.  "Did you know I am a PRINCE? Mommy Cricket said I am!"

"Well your Royal Princeliness," said Henry, "Did you brush your royal teeth and take your royal medicine?"

"Yes, I did," said Scruffy. "I'm going to the hospital today."

"We are all going with you," smiled Henry. "In the Royal Wigglebus."

Scruffy had so much fun pretending to be a prince, that for a little while he forgot how scared he was.