We FURgive You!  

Hank sat and thought about all that Wiggle said.  He thought about his poor mother in the puppy mill.  He thought about Henry being left on his own.  He realized that he was not the only who had lived through terrible things.

Could the others understand him?

"Maybe they will even help me," thought Hank.  "Maybe there are things I can do to help them too!"

"Although I will never see my mother again, I can still be someone that she could be proud of.  I will be a GOOD dog!" Hank promised her in his heart.

"If only someone could show me how!"

"Momma, I love you," he said softly.

  (Click play to hear Hank's message to his mom)
It was getting dark and the wind was whipping the snow around.  "It's so cold out here," thought Hank.  "I'm lucky that I didn't get dumped out here alone."

Hank got his courage up to go and tell the others how sorry he was for being so mean to them.

"I'm really sorry that I bit you Patrick.  I'm afraid I've made a big mess of things." 

"It didn't hurt," said Patrick. "But I'm glad you know it's not the right thing to do."

"Thanks Patrick," said Hank meekly.  "I hope we can be friends!"

"You bet!" said Patrick.

Hank looked up to see Cricket and Molly watching him. They had noticed right away that he had changed.

"I owe you a big apawlogy," said Hank. 

"I'm sorry I was so mean to you both.  You didn't deserve that, and I didn't mean the part about you being dumb girls."

"You seem really nice when you're not acting like a bully," the girls agreed.

"Did Wiggle help you to figure out what is bothering you?"


"I guess I just want to be loved and needed by a family, like you are," admitted Hank. 

"I am confused why bad things are happening to me.  I feel like no one will ever love me again."

"Don't worry, we will love you," said the girls.  "But it would help if you would stop growling at us!"

"It's a deal," said Hank.  "I'm really sorry everyone."

"C'mon then," said Henry, "we furgive you!  Now let's play!"

"Race you, chase you!" called Cricket.

"Tag, you're IT!" said Molly.

"You sure can run fast!" laughed Patrick.

Hank was happy for the first time in a very long time. 

"Families are not dumb at all," he thought.  "I'm getting to really like it here."