Henry's Heroes  

"At the rescue lady upright's home, I knew it was safe because there were other dogs there.   They were so beautiful that at first I wondered if they were real. 

"Sara Catherine looked like an angel. She was so sweet and kind to me.  It was as if she saw right past my sores and wounds and matted fur, and she looked right into my soul." 

"I will never forget her as long as I live," Henry said, forever grateful for all her kindness.

The rescue lady took one look at Henry and said, "Mr. Dog, you are going to get a bath!"

(Henry confided in Wiggle that he had never heard of a bath before this). At first he had no idea why this beautiful lady  shaved off all his rotted fur and put him in a tub of warm water.  "I was a little worried I was going to be cooked for dinner!" he grinned.

He thought about biting her in the nose, but there was something that he trusted about her.  "I better see what a bath really is," he told himself, as big funny bubbles and oatmeal shampoo soothed his painful sores.

. When Ingrid was finished giving her new stray a bath he looked wonderful. "You will need a special name," she told him.  "I will name you Henry, after Henrietta, Tennessee so you will never forget us."

"How could I forget an upright who saved me twice in one day from being killed and then put me in a giant pot of water?" thought Henry.

Henry was getting very attached to the rescue lady.  She was kind, and good.  She fed him delicious food.  She gave him medicine for all the sore spots he had, and she introduced him to her own sheepie, Dallas.  Henry and Dallas became fast friends.


The boy sheepies spent their time playing together every chance they could.

Dallas showed Henry the ropes about being a "pet" and putting on the "cute routine" to melt an Upright's heart.  He explained things that a Southern Gentleman needs to know, such as flea control and how to treat the ladies.

Henry had never had so much fun.  He caught on very quickly and practiced his cute routine daily on Ingrid.

"It's working," thought Henry.  "I think she's falling for me."