When Patrick was not at work, he spent as much time as he could with Mr. Robin talking about fatherhood and helping to guard the feathery nursery in the Gumdrop Tree.

"If you love your family," said Mr. Robin, "you want to protect them, feed them, love them and take care of them."

Patrick listened carefully to every word.  He wanted to be a wonderful father just like Mr. Robin. The thought of being a dad made him nervous. "It's so much respawnsibility," he said. 

"At least your baby won't fly away," laughed Mr. Robin.  "Where are you going to adopt from?"

"Wiggle said she will  drive us all around the planet if she can," said Patrick.  "We are planning to adopt the best puppy in the world. We just have to find him!"

While Patrick helped to mind the baby birds,  Molly and Cricket scoured the internet looking for the puppy who needed them most in the whole wide world.

Instead of finding the puppy, they found an urgent message.

"Cricket, look at this" said Molly.

"Oh that is SO SAD!" said Cricket. 
"I would NEVER marry a guy like that."

"And I would never agree to dump my dog," said Molly.

"Imagine spending your whole life loving an upright, only to be DUMPED through an internet ad?" said Cricket in disbelief.

Cricket was so worried about the poor old dog that she stopped worrying about finding her puppy for a little while. 

"Just do it, Molly," said Cricket.  "Just like the President said.  We can help someone less fortunate than us. We can find her a REAL home."


This is a good thing to do," said Molly.

"It IS a good thing to do," said Cricket.

It was only a few minutes before a reply came back to Molly's peemail.

"We are going to be having company!" said Molly. "Her not-so-upright is bringing her TONIGHT!"