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Many uprights write to Henry to ask him if his story is "real".  Let's face it.  Some of the things mentioned in this story are impawsible for Uprights to do.  The Dog parts are all real of course.    And yes, Henry's rescue story is real, and so are the very hard working "rescue angels" behind the scenes saving animals as wonderful as Henry every single day. 

There are many, many non-profit organizations working hard in all of our neighborhoods to help animals that are in trouble.  If you have any resources to share, such as time, money, transportation, or even an email of support and appreciation to a rescue organization, these all go a long way to keep the rescue work alive. Here are some of Henry's favorites. Please Note: Wigglebus.com is not affiliated with any of these groups but is happy to let you know about them. Our listing them below makes no representation that they endorse this site, the site's owner, content, products, or services. If your rescue group would like to be linked here, please contact Henry's Human at WiggleBus@aol.com

Tell them "Henry Sent You"  Rescue Links

New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue
Tarheels OES Rescue
American Humane Society
7 Bells Sanctuary (Rescued PJ)
Petfinder Foundation
Humane Society of the United States

disaster relief for hurricaine victims, etc

Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast


Save A Dog
OES Rescue Of Colorado
Heifer International

OES Southwest Rescue
Flaw Dogs Adoption

Chewy's Shelter and Rescue Network

Best Friends Animal Society


FUN Links for Kid's Safety Tips and help for parents too!

US Gov Fire Administration for Kids


Sparky The Fire Dog


Some Fun News Groups, Communities, and Friends of Wigglebus

Puppy Mill Rescue

Learn more about rescues from puppy mills!"


"Everything about Old English Sheepdogs"
Neat discussion boards, resources, pictures, VISITORS WELCOME!

Mr. Typewriter.com
(Old English Sheepdog Art)