Some where, far, far away, a wonderful old sheepdog named Harriet was snuggled in a deep, sound sleep.

Harriet began to dream of her dear friend Aspen who had recently crossed the rainbow bridge.

A beautiful starlight shone through her window.


"Is everyone ok?" Angel Aspen asked Harriet.

"I know it is very hard for those we leave behind when it is time for us to earn our wings."

Harriet sat up with a startle.

"Is it really you? Congratulations on earning your wings!  You look beautiful!" she said to Aspen, who was now as radiant as the stars.

"We all miss you," said Harriet softly, "especially Rik."

"That is what I want to talk to you about," said Aspen.  "It is almost time for you to receive  your wings, but we must make certain Rik will be ok with both of us gone."

"I am going to miss my uprights," sighed Harriet.

 "You will be able to watch over them every day from here.  I have picked out a new guardian dog for them, a puppy who needs his very first job.    Bringing them together will be your last task on earth."

"And then I will earn my wings?" smiled Harriet.   "It sounds simple," she said.  "What could be difficult about that?"

"It won't be too hard," agreed Aspen, "except for the fact that Rik doesn't even know this puppy exists.  Not to mention that the puppy lives 400 miles away!"

"Dear, dear," sighed Harriet.  "What is his name?"

"Horrible Horrible Hank!"