Getting ready to adopt a new puppy was a family affur.

While Henry worked with Michael to get Wigglebus repaired, there were a lot of other prepawrations going on.

Cricket painted little sheep and paws to decorate the bed Patrick was making.  

"This will give my baby sweet dreams," she smiled. "What sheepdog wouldn't want to count sheep before falling asleep?"

"I think it will be WONDERFUL," giggled Molly Malone.  "I cannot wait to be an auntie!"

Molly carefully stitched a quilt that a baby upright had grown out of.  "This will match pawfectly," she smiled, "and when I am finished, it will be as good as new!"

"Patrick will be happy that it was FREE!" laughed Cricket.
"What is free?" asked Patrick.  His ears perked up as he came into the room.

"Hi honey!" said Cricket. "Molly, or should I say AUNTIE Molly, is fixing the baby blanket so we don't have to buy one!"

"That is pawsome," said Patrick.  "You can be the dogmother to our puppy Molly!"

"Henry and I are going down to the train depot to see if  we can get  tickets to Missouri to rescue our puppy," said Patrick. "It's a long walk, but Wiggle just cannot drive yet."

"That's a wonderful idea!" said Cricket.  

Everyone was so worried about how they would rescue the puppy with Wigglebus broken down. 

"It sure is a long way to Missouri," said Molly.

"1400 miles," said Patrick with a worried voice.

"Why don't I pack lunch for you?" Cricket thought out loud.

"That would be fantastic!" said Patrick.