"Now that Misty has a new home, we can go back to looking for the best puppy in the world," said Cricket.

"You mean Patrick Jr." laughed Patrick.

"Or Patricia," laughed Cricket.


"Yeah," said Molly. "Who said the best puppy in the world is going to be a boy?"

"I just know it," said Patrick.  "He's going to be just like me!"

"What is that awful noise?" asked Henry.

"It sounds like Wiggle has a bad cold," said Molly.

"I am feeling exhausted," said Wiggle. 

"We can ask the mechanic tomorrow when I get my sticker.  Tomorrow is the last day of the month."


"Yeah," said Patrick.  "If you don't get a sticker tomorrow, you will be an outlaw."

"Aren't YOU a funny bunny!" said Wiggle.

"If you're an outlaw you won't be able to help us to get our puppy," said Cricket, getting worried. 

"Just follow the rescue dust," said Wiggle.  "No matter what.  See how it helped poor Misty?"

"I hope you feel better," said Henry.  "You're going to need some rest."