An Empty Seat  

Wiggle thought and thought about what little Patrick was saying.  He was right.  No one was every going to replace Guinness as a member of the First Wiggle Bus Crew. 
"Maybe we should just take a seat out as a symbol that no one could ever take her place," Wiggle said softly.

"Do you really mean that?" asked Henry, surprised that Wiggle would give up one of her seats.

"It would be an honor," sighed Wiggle.

We have to do SOMETHING, thought Henry.  The Wiggle Bus just does not feel right.

So Henry got out his tools and unbolted the very back seat.  He placed it reverently in the garden with the Gum-Drop Tree which, was turning green, and happily growing in its new spot.

"You will always be with us in the WiggleBus," Henry whispered softly, choking back the tears.

The Terriers made Guinness's name for her little bridge, because they were just the right size to carve the wooden letters. 
Patrick brought a little garden flag of a sheepie that looked just like her.  He thought his gift to the garden was better than anyone's.  Patrick always liked to feel the BEST.   Since he was so young, everyone let him think that too.  They knew some day he would grow up and appreciate everyone's contributions.
Then Henry added some beautiful chimes to the garden that were given to him by a very special friend.  These are pawfect too, he thought, because Guinness loved the chimes attached to her basketball game in the yard.  Ringing the bell was her favorite thing to do when she scored points against Patrick.

Now when we hear the chimes, Henry told the others, we can remember Guinney playing in the yard.  And when we drive with Wiggle, the empty space from the missing seat can hold all of our wonderful memories.

Henry was beginning to like thinking by the Gum-Drop Tree. 

"A garden is a special place to remember someone you miss," he thought.

"I promise I will always love you and remember you," he said to Guinness. 

Then he listenned for the chimes to answer back.