Mr. and Mrs. Robin lovingly raised their babies until they were all too big to fit in the nest.  They gave each other the knowing look of parents and agreed, "Tomorrow's the day!"

Robins have a special trick to help their babies learn to fly.  The day they are to go out into the world, the mother pretends she is getting them food, but when she comes back there is nothing.
The parents don't do it to be mean.  It helps the babies realize they are hungry and forget about being afraid to fly from their nest.  The father robin is down on the ground ready to help them to learn to find worms.  At this time, the mother robin's job is finished.

Her last day with the babies she told them all how proud she was that they were so big and strong.

She gave them all kisses and wished them good luck.  "Listen to what your father tells you," she said.  "And you will have the most delicious lunch of all, the lunch you catch for yourself."

"Ready Mr. Robin?" she asked.

"Ready!" he called back.

Little did they know, a neighborhood cat was lurking nearby.

"The most delicious lunch of all is right," he said.  The cat was ever so quiet, waiting to sneak up on the baby robins.  

"Nothing like fresh baby birds!" he thought, smacking his lips.

Little did the hungry cat know that someone was watching HIM.

Patrick O'Malley lunged out of nowhere barking his most ferocious bark.  

"Get into your own yard," said Patrick.  "This is MY yard and you cannot eat birds here!"

Patrick didn't need to make another sound.  The cat was gone in a flash.  

Patrick was pleased that he kept his pawmise to the Robins to guard their babies in the Gum Drop Tree.  He also knew Guinness would be proud of him.

Mrs. Robin watched with her heart in her beak, as Patrick saved her babies from harm.

"I don't know how to repay you Patrick.  You are such a good friend to us." she said.  "Maybe we will name one of our babies after you!"

Patrick was glad the baby birds were safe, but he did not look happy.

"What's wrong?" asked Mrs. Robin.

"It's just that I wish I could fly like you," he said. "Cricket and I would like a puppy of our own.  We would like the best puppy in the world.  But Wigglebus has been grounded and we have no way to find the puppy who needs us most."


"Flying is easy," said Mrs. Robin.  "We have always wanted to find a way to help you and Mrs. O'Malley since the very first day you helped us with a nest for our babies.  Mr. Robin is taking care of them now.  My nest is empty.  I wouldn't mind a flight around the world."

"Could you really help us?" asked Patrick.

"Of course," said Mrs. Robin. "What am I looking for?"

"That's easy," said Patrick.  "We want to find the best puppy in the world.  The puppy who needs us most.  Cricket has a feeling he's in trouble out there.  How soon can you leave?"

"I can leave at dawn," said Mrs. Robin. "You take care of Wiggle, we may need her to get your puppy home."