That night, the four sheepies made popcorn and watched their favorite tv shows about training uprights to do the right thing.

"They make it look so easy to have a good upright," sighed Molly.

"Yeah," said Patrick. "It's television.  They cut out the parts they don't want you to see."

Still, the sheepies were impressed, and followed every word to see if they could learn some new techniques.

Patrick and Cricket were hoping for the right time to tell the others they were ready to adopt a puppy.

Suddenly, their program was interrupted.

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you breaking news.  Live from the White Dog House. President Bark O'Bowow is addressing the state of the economy."

"It's President Bark O'Bowow!" Molly cried out in excitement. "He's on our TV!"
"Good evening Ladies and Gentle Dogs. I am here tonight to tell you that we are in the midst of an Econ-No-Money.  Loans have dried up. The rate of unemployed dogs is at an all time high.  These are the times that try dogs' souls..."
"Even your uprights will be affected.  You must remember what is impawtant in life. Stay close to your families and try to help each other as best you can. 

If  you use a little less, you will have more to share.  Do what you can for those less fortunate.

I know I can count on you, my fellow Ameripaws. I will be working with Congress in the days ahead to fix this problem. Until then, please help in any way you can.  Thank you, and good night."