Fun Fun Fun  

All her life Guinness had watched Uprights drive around in cars and trucks and be able to go to a drive-thru any time they wanted to. 

She had always wanted the chance to pull up to the window and order her own cheeseburger and a shake.

Today, for her Pawfect Day, SHE was the one who drove up and did just that!  Guinness was so happy to have her family on board.  The look on the Uprights' faces at the hamburger stand was priceless.

"They must not have ever seen a bus full of sheepies drive up and order cheeseburgers before," laughed Guinness.

Patrick O'Malley said, "I want the meal with a toy".

Henry  said, "I'll have the biggest burger they've got.  No bread please, I'm watching my weight."

"Can I have your pickle?" HT asked Scruffy.

Guinness rehearsed in her head what everyone wanted to order.

She pulled up to the window feeling like the most impawtant pawson in the world.

All the other dogs admired how grown up she looked as she told the upright in the window what they wanted.


Every single person in the store came over to the window to see the sheepies.

They made such a commotion that the Upright Manager said, "Please pull up and we will bring your order out to you!"

The manager brought out their food so that the employees would go back to work!