No one felt tired at bedtime. 

Tomorrow Dr.Laste-Chance would let them know if she thought PJ  Wigglebee had any chance of surviving the illness he was fighting day and night, breath by breath.

"It's time to go to sleep." said Mommy Cricket.

"I can't sleep," said PJ.

"Do you want a story?" asked Daddy Patrick.

"I can't stop thinking about tomorrow," said PJ. "No stories will help me tonight."

"There must be something to help you feel better," said Patrick in a fatherly voice, "there is always something to help us feel better."

"Well, there is one thing I'm really worried about," said PJ meekly.

"Are you afraid you are going to die?" asked Daddy Patrick.

"Not so much," said PJ. "I'm scared that if I don't get well, you won't love me anymore and that you won't adopt me."

"Nothing will ever change how we feel about you, PJ," said Mommy Cricket softly. "No matter what."

"Do you love me?" asked PJ Wigglebee. "Do you love me no matter what?"

Cricket wished her little puppy could see into her heart and know how deeply she loved him.  She didn't know how to convince him that he was the center of his pawrents' world.

"Want me to tell you a secret?" she smiled.

"I love secrets," said PJ.

Cricket whispered into PJ's floppy puppy ear.

"Daddy Patrick and I want to adopt you because you are the Best Puppy in the World.  Grannie Annie is working on your adoption papers."

"Are you going to sign them if I don't get better?" asked PJ.

"We most certainly will sign them," said Daddy Patrick.

"You heard our secret," laughed PJ.

"It's no secret little pup," said Daddy Patrick.   "We are paws-over-tails crazy about you.  You mean the world to us. Mommy Cricket loves you, I love you, Henry and Molly and Wigglebus love you, and even Mr. Remington loves you...." 


"...Grannie Annie and Uncle Mark and Aunt Sue love you, and Judy, and Connie and Michelle and Sissy love you. Your Mommy in heaven loves you, the Rescue Spiders love you, even the Birds and the Bees love you. There are doggies and people and creatures all over the world who love you. We will all be with you, come what may." 

As Patrick and Cricket named everyone they could think of that loved their little puppy, PJ Wigglebee finally fell fast asleep.

If the news was good tomorrow, it wouldn't come fast enough. If the news was bad, they wanted to avoid hearing it as long as pawssible.