Henry was up the earliest the next morning. He liked to sit with Wiggle and and discuss their news.;

"Today we find out if PJ has a chance," said Henry thoughtfully. "He's pretty scared, so we have to help him keep his courage up on our way to Boston."

"Poor little thing," agreed Wiggle, "he's been through so much. Imagine, losing your mother, being left to die, yet somehow making your way across the country to see if anyone can save your life?"

"It's a pretty amazing story," agreed Henry.  "I just don't know how far  rescue dust can go."

"Think what Guinness would say," smiled Wigglebus.

"I hope she's watching over him," sighed Henry.

"Who is watching over who?" asked Patrick, boarding the Wigglebus.

"Whom," corrected Wiggle.

"Huh? Whom is watching over whom?" asked Patrick, cocking his head at the funny sound.

"Who is watching over whom," stated Wiggle.

"We were talking about Guinness," smiled Henry, rescuing Patrick from the grammar lesson. "Maybe she is watching over PJ."

"Here they come," said Patrick. "Let's not talk about anything scary."

"I'll turn my radio on," smiled Wiggle.

"C'mon PJ, it's time to see the Doctor," said Cricket gently.  "Don't forget to fasten your seatbelt."

All the doggies clicked their seatbelts and Wigglebus started her engine.

Poor little PJ started to cough. "Mommy, I don't feel good," he said.

"Be brave little dog," said Patrick.

"I'm scared," said PJ.

"It's normal to feel scared," said Molly, "But we are all right here with you."

Wiggle turned on the radio as she promised.

"Let's hear some music everyone!" she said.

Instead of music, an impawtant announcement was being broadcast from the White Dog House.

"Ladies and Gentledogs, we are still in the throws of a Great Recession.  The econ-No-Money continues. Please do your best to share with others.  Help the homeless.  Share your kibble. We cannot get through this without your help..."

"Oh," said PJ. "It is so sad there are homeless animals out there.  I am so lucky that I have a home."

The grown up dogs glanced at each other in surprise.  With all that their little pup was going through, he was worried about others.  Today they were only worried about him.

Everyone except Patrick that is. Patrick was also worried if there would be enough money to get by.

"Do we know any homeless dogs?" asked PJ.

"We've met many homeless dogs," said Patrick, not mentioning that Henry was homeless once.

"We even met a hobo once down by the railroad," said Henry. "We shared our lunch with him."

"Is he still there?" asked PJ, wondering what a homeless dog looked like.

"I'm not really sure," said Henry.

PJ chatted about the homeless dogs and asked questions about them for over half an hour.

"We're finally here!" said Mommy Cricket to PJ.

"Now I really don't feed good," said PJ.

"Then you are in the right place," said Daddy Patrick.

PJ froze in fear. "What if she says there is nothing more they can do?"

"We'll all be with you, no matter what," said Mommy Cricket, trying to reassure PJ and herself.