A Wiggle Snack  

Guinness pulled into a gas station that sold diesel fuel.

"Why are we stopping here?" asked Patrick O'Malley impatiently. HE wanted to go to a drive thru.

"This IS a drive thru for Wiggle," Guinness explained.

Henry hopped out and pumped the fuel.  Wiggle could not remember a happier day in her life! She felt loved, she felt useful, and she felt happy.

"You are the best family I could ever have", she sighed.

"How about some dessert?" asked Guinness.

"What does a BUS eat for dessert?" Patrick demanded to know.

"A pawfect day for a bus is a full tank of fuel and the oil topped off," Wiggle explained.

"Then that is what you will have!" said Guinness.  "Everyone needs a Pawfect day!"

So after Henry pumped her diesel fuel, he topped off her oil and the three of them headed for THEIR drive thru.

"This is the best day I have ever had," smiled Wiggle.