Mission ImPAWsible  

The secret society meeting was pawplexing.

There was a great deal of arguing about who should have the windows in the Upright's car, and why. 

Each of us felt we had special claim to the window seats. 

When we are all together we could not even fit the humans in the car never mind provide a window for every snout. 

The old terriers went to bed and then Patrick O'Malley started to yawn, curled up and fell fast asleep....

"I don't see how we can come up with a peaceful solution here," said Guinness. "Mom has stopped taking all of us on car rides because we are impawssible." 

"What we need is a new car," said Henry. "A van maybe."


"True, but vans don't have windows you can stick your  head out of," thought Guinness.

"How about a pick up truck?" suggested Henry.

"Not too safe.  Mom would never go for it," said Guinness. "Besides, what about rainy days?  How are we EVER going to find a car to fit us all, and how are we going to convince mom to go for it?  She's totally happy with the Buick."

"Well, there's always the internet," said Henry.

So Henry and Guinness spent all of Saturday searching the internet trying to imagine the pawfect vehicle.

Nothing they imagined themselves in would fit all five dogs..