A Feeling As If...  

Henry found the pawfect spot for the Gum-drop Tree.   He sat there thinking, and remembering, and some times his eyes would just leak and splash on his long fur coat. 

This is the exact spot  she posed last year to have her picture taken with her hat for the Annual Rescue Picnic, remembered Henry. He laughed when he remembered her in the blonde wig and the tiara.  "She loved that picnic so much," he thought. "It won't be the same without her."

Henry didn't know why, but in this spot where he was going to plant the Gum-Drop Tree, he had a warm feeling. It was a feeling as if she was right there watching over him.
"I'm going to make a whole garden for Guinness," thought Henry, "where her spirit can dance and play and we can come here to remember her any time we like".

When Henry finished planting the Gum-Drop Tree, everyone gathered around to feel the spirit Henry said was in that spot. It really felt as if she WAS right there with them.

"I think we should say a prayer," said HT.
"I don't really know any prayers," said little Patrick,"but I heard one once on TV. I don't remember all of it."

"Give it a try, " said Henry. "The impawtant thing is that you say it from your heart, and in your most polite begging voice."

Patrick cleared his throat and tried to remember the prayer.

"Dog Father, who barks in heaven
when we call your name
You always come, Your work gets done
Down here just like in heaven.
Give us this day our daily treats.

Forgive the Uprights who neglect us. 
You don't need to forgive us 'cause you made us pawfect.
Lead us not into temptation, you made our sniffers good enough to find it ourselves.

Deliver us when we are sick or need rescuing.
Bless our uprights who worry about us. And thank you for letting us be your angels here on earth,

For the ice cream, the pizza, the milkbones and fire hydrants are yours, Now and Furever,

A Dog."

"A Dog," said HT,.
"A Dog," said Scruffy.
"Another Dog," said Henry.
"A Puppy," said Patrick O'Malley.
"A Bus," whispered Wiggle from the parking lot.

"We have pawficially dedicated the Gum-Drop Tree," said Henry.