Deck The WiggleBus With Holly  

The sheepies and the terriers could hear the pitter patter of great big feet on the roof as their precious tree was secured for the ride home. 

With some final tugging and tying, the upright hopped down from the roof.

"I'm sad we didn't get to see Santa," admitted Molly Malone.

"And those helpers looked totally fake!" said Cricket.


"What about these two?" asked Henry, who was watching two women approach the bus.

"They must be real," said Patrick.  "They're talking on walkie-talkies!"

"These are for Wiggle," said the women, who brought big wreaths over for her windows. 

Wiggle beamed with joy.

 "Did you all have fun at Santa's Village?" they asked.

Molly Malone told the helpers that they did not get to see Santa. 

"It's ok, though," she said.  "We got the best tree you had in the whole place!"

"I see that," smiled the helper with the name "JEAN" on her badge. 

"We're sorry that Santa had to leave before you saw him, but you will be hearing from him very soon, that's for sure!"

Molly Malone watched in amazement as the "real" helpers left. 

"Did you see that?" she asked them.  "She had a badge on her jacket.  That proves she really works here."

"We will be hearing from Santa!  Did you hear that everyone?" said Scruffy.

"Yeah, you're probably on the 'naughty list'," teased Patrick.

"Am not," said Scruffy.

"Are too," said Patrick.

"Why not sing a Christmas Carol instead of all that bickering?" suggested Wiggle.


And so they did!
Deck the WiggleBus with holly,
fur la la la la,  fur la la la

Take a ride on Christmas Trolley
fur la la la la, fur la la la

Trot your four paws in all weather
Fur la la la, fur la la, fur la la

Get a Christmas Tree together,
fur la la la la, fur la la la