Dance Of The Rescue Dust  


As Henry slept, he dreamed a magical dream that his tears turned into diamonds and burst into sparkling Rescue Dust that danced joyfully around him. He saw his dear friend Guinney Gumdrops smiling and telling him what he had always heard: "Follow Your Heart"...
"Are you ok?" he asked her.

"Everything is happy here," she told him, "but there is so much work to be done where you are."

"Can you help me from there?" Henry asked her.

"Believe in the Rescue Dust," she said. "You will always see its magic when you love and care for someone beyond yourself.  The world is full of Rescue Dust.  Listen with your heart."

"What IS rescue dust exactly?" Henry asked.
"The essence of Rescue Dust is tears, happy tears and sad tears transformed to joy by those who have truly loved.  It's magic goes on forever in hearts that understand.  Rescue Dust can work miracles," she said.

"We all miss you so much," continued Henry.
Guinness laughed her best laugh.  "I haven't had a chance to miss any of you," said Guinness. 
"I have been working hard, watching over you this whole time!"

"What should we do?" asked Henry. 
"Silly head," Guinness teased him, "you should go on ADVENTURES!"

"In the WiggleBus?" asked Henry, looking for her reassurance.

"Well of course in the WiggleBus," said Guinness.  "You are going to need the room...," she hinted.

"Do you mean...?" Henry asked in surprise.

"...yes, and soon," she smiled. "Just follow the Rescue Dust."

And with that dear friends,  Henry snuggled into  a delicious sleep, dreaming in the company of loved ones, near and far.

 After all, he is going to need his rest to be ready for  his next adventures with Wiggle and Patrick O'Malley.  And please, please, please...Don't forget the Terriers!



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