Easter morning was a beautiful day.  The baby robins were chirping hungrily to their parents at the crack of dawn.
The sheepies were also up at the crack of dawn, planning a surprise for Misty.

"This better cheer her up," said Patrick, who hated getting dressed up.

"She's never going believe it," said Henry.

"Where are the girls?" said Patrick, "they say WE are slow getting ready?"


"I'm ready," said Cricket.  "I couldn't get my ears to stay on.

"Where's Molly?" asked Henry.

"I think she went to check if Misty is still sleeping," said Cricket. 

Molly came bombing in and took her place.  "I think she's waking up, get ready".

"This is so cool," said Cricket.  "We will have to do this EVERY year when we have kids!"

"What?" said Patrick O'Malley in disbelief.

"Sssshhhhhhhh, I think I heard something," said Molly. 

When Molly woke up, there was no sign of the others anywhere. 

"We are in here Misty" she heard them call.  "Look what is in here for you!"

"It's Easter!" remembered Misty.  "The Bunny!"

Misty hurried to find the others.

"Surprise!" the sheepies said to Misty when she found them.  "Happy Easter!"

Misty could not help but laugh when she saw the silly Sheepie Bunnies.

"We have presents for you!" the bunnies said.  "There are cookies and toys, and plastic eggs, and even a stuffed duckie for you from the real bunny!"

Misty hugged her stuffed duckie. 

"Thank you everyone," she said.  "You all look wonderful, and this is a much happier Easter than I thought it would be.

"You have no idea," said Henry.  "Wait 'til you see what we have in store for you next!"

Cricket turned to Patrick, "Is everything packed?"

"Yes Dear," he grinned.

"C'mon then!" said Molly.  "It's time for a Wigglebus Adventure!"