Cloud Furmations  


Patrick was watching the sky after a thunderstorm had ended.

"It's amazing what you can see if you watch the clouds," he said. 

Just then, he noticed the faint outline of a rainbow.

"It's the Bridge!" he exclaimed.

"Another dog is being let into heaven! I think I see Guinney Gumdrops up there!"

"You can't see her," replied HT in her old wise voice. 

"I can too!" insisted Patrick.  "She is right there!"

HT looked up toward the rainbow, but all she could see was clouds. 

"Poor Patrick O'Malley," she sighed. "We know you miss her so much".

Patrick scowled because HT did not believe him.  

"If Guinness were here she would say I am RIGHT!" said Patrick stubbornly.  "And she IS here. I see her.  I am going to tell Wiggle and Henry," he stated with a very big pout. 

He was so mad when HT did not agree with him, he even stomped his paw.

When Henry and Wiggle looked up to the sky they could sort of see what Patrick was talking about. 

"Patrick O'Malley," Wiggle said softly, "You can see Guinney Gumdrops because you are looking with your heart.  Always follow your heart and never let anyone tell you differently."

"What if my heart wants me to follow it to the refrigerator to get some ice cream?" asked Patrick, not too certain what "follow your heart" really meant.

Wiggle laughed.  "That would be following your stomach," she smiled.  "Following your heart means believing in the feeling that Guinness is with you, even when you can't see her or talk to her like you used to.  You know in your heart that she is there".

"HT thinks I'm crazy," said Patrick.

"HT is a terrier," said Henry. "They don't believe in things they can't sniff."

Patrick watched the sky until the rainbow faded from view.  He was quite satisfied that he HAD seen his friend.  

"Henry is right," thought Patrick. "Terriers only believe in what they can sniff".  

Even though he was annoyed with HT, he felt sorry for her that she had not seen the face in the clouds that had made him feel so much better.