After a month of stories, medication, steam and whacks, and all the fun he could manage, PJ Wigglebee was ready to see the doctor again.

"I did not die all month Dad!" he told Patrick.

"Then let's have more fun!" said Patrick, pretending to wrestle PJ.

"More stories please!" said PJ.

"When it's your bed time," said Patrick.

"Why do I have to have a bed time?" asked PJ.  "The doctor said to have all the fun I want!"


"You need your sleep so you can have fun the next day," said Patrick, "and to get big and strong and healthy. Tomorrow Dr.Last-Chance is going to see how much you have grown!"

"I am a BIG boy now," said PJ.

"Then I can teach you to play ball," said Patrick. 

"PJ, it's time for your bath," called Mommy Cricket.

"I don't want to take a bath," pouted PJ.

"He'll be right there," said Daddy Patrick.  "Do what your mother tells you to do.  She is taking good care of you so you can get well."

PJ knew Daddy Patrick was right. He took his bath and came right back out to see his dad. 

"I'm scared of what the doctors will say tomorrow," said PJ.

"But look how big you've grown!" said Patrick.  "I think the doctor will be surprised.  It's all that good cooking your mom is feeding you."

"Mommy Cricket said we can have supper when I dry off," said PJ.

He shook as hard as he could to dry.

"Ta Dah!" he laughed.  "I am ready for supper right now!" 

"What are we having?" asked Daddy Patrick.

"Grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken soup!" announced PJ.

"Your mom knows that chicken soup helps you to get better," said Patrick.  "And the best part is, you can taste the love.  It will make you feel strong for your big day tomorrow."

The wonderful smells in the chicken soup took PJ's mind off his troubles right away.  His dad was right, as usual.  You could really taste the love inside.