Give A Cheer!  

Give a Cheer, Give a Cheer, For the Uprights you brought here
So that Rescues will all get a home.

They are brave, they are bold, for the love their hearts can hold
to give rescues a chance to find homes.

And it's Sit, Wag, Stay, Uprights please don't turn away.
Help all the doggies that you can!

If we lick you in the face,
in your hearts we'll take our place,
if you'll  just give us rescues a home!

Wiggle drove Henry and the others all around to spread the message of the Stop Light.  While Henry explained to the kids how they can make a huge difference in Pawciety, Wiggle let the Upright's owners take turns in her Driver's Seat if they would agree to continue training their humans to help animals in need.