Hank's First Chanukah  

The next day, Wiggle called Henry out to help her with something.

"The winds of change are in the air Henry," said Wiggle.  "Something is up.  I feel it in my universal joints."

"What do you think it is?" asked Henry.

"I don't think our little Hank is going to be staying much longer.  Will you bring this gift inside that I had made for him?  Tell him it's from all of us," said Wiggle, trying to choke back a sniffle of sadness.

"It's beautiful!" said Henry, peeking in the box. 

"I know he is hoping for a Chanukah family, but Chanukah begins tonight at sundown.  Maybe his rescue family could light it with him," suggested Wiggle.


"We would be honored," said Henry, carefully carrying Wiggle's package into the house.

"You are the best, Wiggle!" whispered Henry, wondering how she always knew the pawfect thing to do.

When Henry told the others about Hank's gift, they came running in to see.

"Hey that's us!" said Molly Malone. "We are on the menorah!"

"And that's Hank!" cried Patrick.

"Does that picture make me look fat?" asked Cricket.

"You goose, you are just fine," said Molly Malone.

Remembering Wiggle's instruction to light it at sundown, Henry quickly called for Hank.

"Hank!  Come in here!  We have a surprise for you," called Henry.

Hank was amazed that anyone had made such a wonderful gift for him. 

"Would you like to light the first night's candle?" Henry asked.

"May I?" asked Hank, admiring his gift.

"Of course," said Henry.  "You are the youngest.  You should light it first."

With the light of the shamash (the servant candle), Hank lit his very own menorah.

"Thank you for sharing your Chanukah light with us," said Patrick staring into the flames.

"Chanukah light is meant to be shared," said Hank.

"I think there is supposed to be a blessing," said Henry, "does anyone know the words?"
Mr. Remington cleared his throat, and carefully typed out the first night's blessing and read it out loud for everyone.
"That was beautiful," said Molly Malone, even though she had no idea what the words meant.  They sounded important.

"I hope you find your Chanukah family soon," she said to Hank, but she only half meant it.  She was really wishing that Hank could stay with them furever.