A Celebration  

The next day, Guinness and Patrick discussed the most fair way to cut up the cake.  "Since I made it", said Guinness, emphatically, "I should get the biggest piece!"

Patrick knew he couldn't argue with that logic, but just looking at all that yellow frosting made him drool from head to paw.

"Where's Henry", asked Patrick.

"He's off playing with his toy bus", said Guinness.

"Can I have his piece of cake?" Patrick asked, impetuously.

Henry heard that and went bounding for the dining room and gobbled up his share of cake before Patrick O'Mally could say "WiggleBus".

"Wiggle Bus!" Shrieked Guinness.  "We must run out and give her some cake TOO!"

"Too bad she can't drive into the dining room and eat cake here with us," said Patrick.

"Yeah", said Guinness, "and too bad she can't sleep in the bed with us".

Henry was wondering if Wiggle Bus understood all that was happening to her these days. 

Wiggle slept well her first night here but there was still so much left for her to go through...